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About Us

  • We are part of the leading universal bank in Georgia. Bank of Georgia Asset and Wealth Management is the private banking arm of Bank of Georgia. Being a part of the leading universal bank, we benefit from synergies with country’s largest corporate banking unit, number one brokerage, trading and asset management business, top investment banking, leading insurance business, as well as cutting edge IT and risk management infrastructure. Synergies and costs savings achieved through outsourced (to other business units within a group) credit and operational risk as well as business servicing allow us to transfer the reduced cost effect to out clients who enjoy very low (or even zero) commissions combined with an excellent level of service.
  • Most of our clients are entrepreneurs. Clients are our principal asset. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs from Georgia and abroad. We realise that client needs change over the life-cycle of their businesses and we meet this ever changing requirement by offering access to diverse set of solutions from savings to leverage as well as mix of these.
  • We gain international footprint through Representative Offices. We currently run representative offices in CEE, Middle East and United Kingdom with a target to open more representative offices in other regions. Bank of Georgia unique offering (link) is a niche opportunity many international clients find very attractive due to low volatility, daily liquidity and attractive returns (currently more than 70% of funds managed by Bank of Georgia Asset and Wealth Management is international money).
  • Internationally we are positioned as niche opportunity to diversify portfolio with attractive risk/return ratio. We are undisputed leader in financial services in Georgia, and internationally we position ourselves as “Your First Third Bank” – we appreciate that you do daily banking in local banks, keep most of the savings in “old school” private banks, while investing with us a part of your free cash as an intelligent and unique return booster and risk diversifier.
  • Private Bankers’ Motivation is aligned with Clients’ interests. Motivation of private bankers (and the whole Asset and Wealth Management business) is aligned with the best interests of clients. Private Bankers remuneration is a function of “clients’ satisfaction” (amount of money kept with the Bank and retention period), instead of fees and commissions earned as it is the case with most of the private banking businesses. Only the quality of financial services (brokerage, asset management, insurance, investment banking, FX transactions) delivered is factored in, instead of revenue earned from these services.
  • We enjoy Bank of Georgia’s cutting edge IT and Operational Risk Management platforms. We use Bank of Georgia’s state-of-the-art Information Technology and Operational Risk Management architecture with special add-ons where necessary.

Bank of Georgia Asset and Wealth Management serves the most successful and affluent people and their families from over 60 countries since 2005.

Exceptional corporate governance, full transparency, financial strength and established brand of Bank of Georgia group is an additional guarantee of a reliable and professional service for you and your business. We treasure your loyalty which we safeguard through excellent service, intelligent allocation of your financial assets and constantly updated unique offerings.

  • Clients’ Interests Above All – highest standards and accessibility of services worldwide, as well as personal and discreet approach, are necessary prerequisites of clients loyalty;
  • Trust Between the Client and Private Banker is fundamental for the success in our business – Professionalism and dedication of Private Bankers help in building this trust;
  • Long term Partnership can only be maintained on the condition of mutual financial benefits for the partners;
  • Full transparency – no hidden fees, commissions or other charges;
  • Innovative Products fully supporting Clients’ needs – we do not sell “off the shelf” solutions but tailor the offering to the Client requirement.


We irrevocably commit to adhere to these principles when banking with you.