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Needless to say how important it is not only to accumulate your wealth but also to insure it. Bank of Georgia’s assets and wealth management service will help you to insure your assets, health, business, movable and immovable property.  Providing you with exclusive and flexible insurance solutions is our top priority. According to your wishes, you can choose from insurance offers that suit you the best.   if your assets are exceptionally high and your business large, your personal banker will provide you with the information on complex insurance solutions available at Bank of Georgia.

The clients of Bank of Georgia’s assets and wealth management service are provided with the following exclusive insurance offers: 

Service Club-health insurance program.  Service club is an exclusive health insurance product and a privileged insurance service. 

Clients of Bank of Georgia’s assets and wealth management service receive comfortable, differential and flexible service, insurance services tailored to your needs, simplified insurance procedures and shortest period of reimbursement.

Together with the above-mentioned, you are served by a personal manager, who will help you to organize outpatient services, schedule physician’s attendances and provide you with consultancy on insurance related matters. 

Service Club is by far the exceptional service within Georgian insurance market.  For additional information, please contact your personal banker.


Together with that, we offer you the following insurance products:

  • Health insurance- hotline for 24 hour assistance service, family physician, medical evacuation/ repatriation
  • Travel Insurance – designed to correspond to your active pace of living, being a best solution for those who travel a lot.
  • Auto(Car) Insurance – will insure your and your family members’ automobiles 
  • Property Insurance - covers your apartments, summer houses and residences
  • Emergency and Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • We also offer additional types of insurance to comply with your activities: 
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Shipment (Cargo) Insurance

Our insurance services are provided by our subsidiary companies: Aldagi and Imedi L, the insured risks of which are reinsured by the international reinsurance companies.