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Remote Banking Product

Providing remote banking services is a must for any bank doing business in a modern world.   Together with a standard package of remote banking services, Bank of Georgia’s assets and wealth management service offers you differential and prompt services with maximum comfort.

Telephone Bank

We realize how important it is for you to manage your assets effectively and to have your bank accounts, financial transactions and money transfer confirmations at your fingertips at any time of the day, in any part of the world.  By means of telephone bank provided by the assets and wealth management service, the above-mentioned procedures are made even easier.  One single call to your personal banker is enough to get all of the necessary banking operations done for you, to receive an in-depth overview of financial transactions and to obtain maximum of profit on any of these transactions.   

E-mail Bank

Making and then monitoring the results of financial transactions via e-mail and with immediate help of your personal banker is yet another innovative service brought to you by the assets and wealth management team of Bank of Georgia.   You only have to send an e-mail to your personal banker and he will settle all the necessary financial matters for you.

Standard Package of the Remote Banking Services:

Internet (Online) Bank

Manage your accounts from any computer at any time of the day.  With online bank of Bank of Georgia your assets are protected at their best. For any banking transaction, a singular code is used, which you receive via SMS. For even better security, you may use DigiPass- utility that generates single-use passes.

Contact your personal banker to activate online bank, to obtain DigiPass or to receive any additional information.


SMS Bank

SMS Bank is a flexible tool provided to you by Bank of Georgia to help you manage your active accounts at Bank of Georgia at any time via your mobile phone.
Activate the SMS Bank service, save your time and manage your accounts.
To activate the SMS Bank service, please refer to your personal banker or use online banking.