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Wealth management service offers a complex financial service that implies an intellegent managment approach to your funds and investments, special insurance terms and payment consultancy.

You are served by the personal banker to help you choose the right strategy to streamline your objectives be it banking services (deposits, loans, extra cards for your family members or any other banking transaction), investment managment or selection of a suitable insurance policy.

The service is provided to both resident and expatriate individuals. Exclusive OneCard Visa Infinite Card for the clients of wealth managment service.

OneCard Visa Infinite is a multi-currency premium Visa card that grants financial privileges and additional comfort to its holder. High APR is accrued onto the daily balance of the card. The card is secured from unauthorized transactions. (money worth $50 000 p.a.)

You as a holder of the card will be granted Priority Pass, your pass to the VIP halls and lounges of different international airports. A free local or international concierge service is also included.

The holders of OneCard Visa Infinite have access to any concert, sport event or festival in any part of the world through the Ticket Exchange service. You can also enjoy exclusive discounts and offers from luxury shops, restaurants, hotels, airlines and fitness clubs both at your home and abroad.