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Understanding the importance of knowledge, for both personal development and advancing society as a whole, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the main pillars of the Bank of Georgia. That is why we decided to introduce and promote CSR, through several different measures.
By paying special attention to the availability of education, we are creating the basic conditions to ensure a high quality education for youth and prepare them for their future. 
The Bank of Georgia’s educational activities include: 
  • Founding The Bank of Georgia University;
  • Sponsoring the international Chevening scholarship and Fulbright Master’s program;
  • Contributing to the training of high school graduates, as well as to the free education for school children and others.
We are working together with leading countries in the international arena to enable Georgia’s youth to receive higher education abroad. By supporting the Chevening scholarship program, students can study in the UK, and with the Fulbright Master's’ program, students can study in the US.
In Georgia, students can receive financial education at The Bank of Georgia University, or take part in the Master of Business Administration program, providing an in-depth study of specific business related topics.
By studying at the Bank of Georgia University, students will have a real opportunity to be employed by leading companies and successful startups. Most importantly, all students can apply for a 100% funding grant for their studies, or to defer payment till after completion of the  master’s degree program.
In order to enable motivated and talented young people to participate in exceptional international and local projects, receive global high-end quality knowledge, and build towards a successful future, we are making important steps in the education sector, and are funding various international and local projects. 
Among the bank-funded projects are:
  • TEDx: giving the opportunity to understand and experience freedom of speech, and expression of opinions or ideas;
  • KHANACADEMY: offering free education to students and teachers through a series of pre-recorded lessons on various subjects;
  • Nebula: an intelligent platform providing youth with the opportunity to quickly and easily increase their knowledge through pre-recorded lessons, a comfortable interface, simulation of exams, and analytical algorithms;
  • Public Speaking Competition: the most successful project of the ESU organization, organizing a competition for young people from over 50 countries