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Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia headquarters, that used to house the Soviet Ministry of Roads, was built in 1975 by architects Giorgi Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania.

The 18-storey building with the total area of 13,500 sq. meters has its own cafeteria, fully equipped gym, and 3,500 areas of above and underground parking.

Since 1975 the building has appeared in various renowned magazines in the West, as one of the best examples of constructivism style.

Bank of Georgia acquired the building in 2007 and decided to turn it into its future headquarters. The renovation that began in summer of 2010 took a little more than a year to finish and gave the building its exciting new life. One of the most interesting new elements added is an 11 meters high glass cube that serves as the main entrance. The architects had to solve the problem of the lack of space on the first floor of the building for setting up a proper reception area. As a result, the glass cube that organically merges with the surroundings emerged.

Bank of Georgia new headquarters will house 16 administrative units with over 600 employees providing them the best equipped and comfortable working conditions.