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Candidates selection process in the Bank differs by job categories and depends on the vacancy requirements.


Interview is a mandatory stage of selection process for any vacancy. Before making the final decision on hiring a person, the candidate will have minimum two interviews with several representatives of the company. During the interview, the candidate’s experience and the adequacy of his/her competence/skills to the position requirements, as well as to the company’s corporate values, are assessed.


Based on the announced opening, the candidate might have to undergo one or several testing stages during the selection process. When invited to the testing, the candidate is given (oral) information on the test topic/structure, which enables her/him, to form an impression on the testing process ahead of time, and better exhibit her/his abilities.

Situational game

More often, situational game is a selection stage for interns/entry level workers. During situational games, several representatives of the company assess behavior and competences required for the position.


Presentation selection stage applies to selecting the candidates for the positions that will require holding of presentations. presentation topic depends on the specifics of the announced vacancy. information (oral) regarding the topic will be provided to the candidate ahead of time, so that she/he will have time for preparation.  


After completing the selection process, and in case the company makes a decision to hire the candidate, she/he will be made a formal offer.

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