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We are constantly working to keep our benefits competitive to those of other leaders in our industry. Our compensation and benefits packages are created to motivate the employees and give an adequate value to their work performance.

Work compensation of our employees is revised on a yearly basis, and might consider the following:

  • Base salary – A fixed part related to the employee’s position, reflecting her/his skills, carrier within the company, and the person’s responsibilities;
  • Annual bonus – A variable part expressed in monetary and/or stocks form, is determined by a number of factors, including individual results of the company overall, the employee’s business sub-unit / department, and the employee her/himself.

We believe that the employee participation in the company co-ownership is best suiting the interests of both - the employees as well as the share-holders.

  • Certain additional benefits, such as health insurance, pension plan, monetary compensation and other benefits for certain positions.

We pay a lot of time to ensure that the employees compensation is completely adequate to the work performed by them, and that the determined compensation levels are competitive in the long-term perspective.