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Why Bank of Georgia?

Create Your Future With Bank of Georgia  

Why Bank of Georgia

Become an employee of  Bank of Georgia and you will be given the broadest opportunities and most interesting challenges you might ever face in your life. Career advancement is faster with us than in the most other companies, whilst our best employees are capable of tackling tasks of any difficulty!

Our Corporate Culture

The most valuable asset to us is our employees. With us, professionals are given opportunities to tackle the most difficult challenges in our field together with the most influential business leaders. Team work culture helps them to achieve outstanding results and praises individual talent.


Naturally, employees of such a large company as Bank of Georgia Group are of different ethnicity and with different education background and experience . We welcome their diverse views, their passion and ideas, their readiness to learn and teach.

Training and Development

Our current training, development and mentoring programs help our employees to satisfy their creative aspirations. Our diverse and numerous personnel gives smart, interesting and purposeful individuals an opportunity to become our next generation leaders.

Work Compensation and Benefits

We do everything to attract, promote and praise accomplishment of results, creative approach and motivation. We are proud to offer our employees a well-developed compensation and benefits package to reward their work.

Being proud of our status of a good employer, we do our best to create positive work environment to each employee.