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Bank of Georgia - Settlement Bank (Settlement Agent)

Bank of Georgia offers full range of Settlement Bank’s services, with International Standards.

  • Trade - Related cash settlement;
  • Corporate Actions - Related cash settlement;
  • Defining trading limits in the trade’s system for customer’s own and nominal (client’s) accounts;

When may you need a Settlement Bank?

If you would like to settle/execute trade at the Georgian Central Securities Depository (GCSD), and you are already a participant of the system (brokerages and/or legal entity) you will need a Settlement Bank (Payment Agent).

Otherwise, the system participant is not be able performing transactions related to the securities settlement and clearing.

Who can be served by  Bank of Georgia for Settlement Bank’s services?

Resident or non-resident legal entities, who are members of JSC "Georgian Central Securities Depository" System can be served by Bank of Georgia.

What is required for making Bank of Georgia your Settlement Bank?

You may already be a Bank of Georgia’s client or you can apply and open a new account.

For Settlement Bank’s services, client can use either existing account(s) or open new account(s).

Settlement Bank Agreement