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Gold Certificates are issued by National Bank of Georgia as interest-free securities with no maturity. These securities grant their owners a right to get a standard gold bar from the National Bank of Georgia vault via any Georgian commercial bank. The owners of the gold certificates can perform any transaction applicable to securities, including purchase, disposal and pledge. National Bank of Georgia issues two types of Gold Certificates - Pool Allocated and Unallocated.

Each Pool Allocated gold certificate corresponds to the standard gold bar deposited at the National Bank of Georgia. Gold bars were ordered by National bank of Georgia and produced by reputable manufacturer, accredited by the London Metal Exchange. Gold bars have the highest purity of 999.9. 

For Unallocated Gold Certificates, the relevant gold bars may not be held in the National Bank of Georgia vault. These certificates, however, imply obligation of National Bank of Georgia to deliver the relevant gold bars to the holder of the Unallocated Gold Certificates upon their request within a period and with terms and conditions announced by National Bank of Georgia.

The bars are delivered to their owners by any Georgian commercial bank, where they maintain accounts.

In order to trade the Gold Certificates with Bank of Georgia, it is necessary to have an active Georgian Lari account with the bank and you are expected to sign  General  Agreement on Gold Certificate Brokerage Services  . You can initiate a Gold Certificate transaction on your account by signing and providing the bank with an application in the form of the appendix to the above mentioned agreement. You may also provide the bank with an online application, which is valid only after a mutual confirmation by telephone.

You may get additional information about Gold Certificates at the National Bank of Georgia website or on Tbilisi Gold Exchange website

National Bank of Georgia Gold Certificate prices at Bank of Georgia

Gold Certificate Type Weight ISIN Buy Sell Update Date
Pool Allocated 20 Gramm GEGC00200018 2 755.96 3 099.97 17.09.2019 17:03
UnAllocated 1 Ounce GEGC00010029 4 286.00 4 821.00 17.09.2019 17:03