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Corporate social responsibility


Education Employees Charity & Social Enviroment

The fundamental principles of Bank of Georgia’s Corporate Social Responsibility: Knowledge, Care, Innovation. We develop our CSR based on main Values: KNOWLEDGE, CARE, and INNOVATION. Each of them is a part of our organizational DNA and guides all our efforts, both in the core business and the social mission (Promotion of Economic and Financial knowledge, entrepreneurship, Social Impact etc.).

Since the beginning of our establishment, Bank of Georgia is focusing on EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE as a long-term success strategy, as we strongly believe that support of education and knowledge sharing will benefit our society.
As a responsible company, we CARE about our Customers, Employees and Society.  We are committed to establish the healthy atmosphere around us.
World around us is rapidly changing, and to successfully adopt to its pace we are dedicated to INNOVATE, bring the positive impact with new solutions and transform innovation into real business benefits for our community and Georgian Society.