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Treasury Operations



Foreign Exchange

We offer foreign exchange for more than 30 currencies with competitive Commercial  Exchange Rates, In the case of large amounts of non-cash currency exchange with wholesale Rates.


Currency Forward

A forward contract in the forex market that locks in the price at which an entity can buy or sell a currency on a future date. We also offer Option Dated Forwards and Non-Deliverable Forwards. Here you can find indicative read more

Forward Points


Foreign Exchange Swap

A Foreign Exchange Swap transaction allows you to utilize the funds you have in one currency to fund obligations denominated in a different currency, without incurring foreign exchange risk. It is an effective and efficient cash management tool for companies that have assets and liabilities denominated in different currencies. On the near date, you swap one currency for another at an agreed foreign exchange rate and agree to swap the currencies back again on a future (far) date at a price agreed upon at the inception of the swap. In most cases, currencies are initially swapped at the spot rate and the future (far) rate is calculated by adjusting the spot price by the forward points for the length of time the swap transaction runs for.


Foreign Currency Options

A currency option is the right – but not the obligation – to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) an agreed amount of one currency against another at a predetermined price at a predetermined time in the future. Currency options are one of the best ways for corporations or individuals to hedge against adverse movements in exchange rates. Read more


Georgian Government Bonds

We provide brokerage services for investors willing to participate in the primary auction or the secondary market of the Georgian Government Bonds. We also offer custody services. Read more

Secondary market rates


Contact Information

For any additional information about treasury operations please feel free to contact the Treasury Department of Bank of Georgia at the following address:



E-mail: treasury@bog.ge
Phone: +995 32 2444 440
Fax: +995 32 2444 246
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