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To Support your Business

In partnership with Agricultural Project Management Agency, Bank of Georgia introduces a Preferential Agro Loan tailored to your business needs.

From 6 to 8%

To finance agricultural activity (fixed assets and floating capital)

From 1 to 3%

To create new and upgrade current agricultural enterprises

Preferential Agro Loan can also be obtained by those not hitherto been engaged in agriculture but having just decided to start up an agricultural business. In such case, at least 50% of the total cost of the project to be financed must be financed by the applicant’s own funds!


From 6 to 8%


We’ll finance:

Floating capital for crop production:

  • Current costs of annual seed grains and seedlings, pesticides, organic and mineral fertilizers, biological plant protectors, greenhouse climate formation energy carriers, fuel and lubricants.
  • Costs of renting farmlands, agricultural equipment, vehicles and hiring manpower, etc.

Floating capital for cattle breeding:

  • Purchase of non-breeding and young domestic animal, bird, fish and bee families;
  • Current costs of domestic animal, bird, fish food (including organic food), vet preparations (including organic preparations), fuel and lubricants, farm building climate forming energy carriers;
  • Costs of manpower, agricultural equipment, vehicles, pasturelands, animal farms, etc.

Fixed assets:

  • Purchase of various equipments for crop production and cattle breeding, breeding, productive animals, birds and fish;
  • Construction of greenhouses, fish tanks and pools;
  • Construction or purchase of irrigation systems;
  • Purchase and installation of equipments forming climate in greenhouses and farm buildings;
  • Connection of greenhouses, tanks, pools and farm buildings to water, power, gas supply and sewage systems;
  • Building fences for agricultural facilities (poles, wire, barb wire, wire mesh, electric fence);
  • Maintenance of agricultural equipment, vehicles, buildings and greenhouses, support systems for perennial plants, etc.


Loan amount – from 5 000 to 100 000 GEL

Loan period – up to 24 months

Annual interest rate – from 6 to maximum 8%

Effective annual interest rate – From 5.3%


From 1 to 3%


We’ll finance:

Creating new or upgrading the existing processing enterprises:

  • Meat, fish, milk, fruit, vegetable, berry, walnut and nut processing;
  • Production of alcoholic beverages, plant oil (oil, margarine, butter), halvah, wool, leather, fur, tobacco, essential oils, spices, farm animal, bird and fish food;
  • Tea growing and packing;
  • Making, gathering, packing of apicultural products.

Creating new or upgrading the existing infrastructure enterprises:

  • Purchasing or upgrading storage facilities for agricultural products or drying facilities for crops;
  • Refrigeration facilities to keep agricultural products;
  • Making packing materials for agricultural products, oak casks for alcoholic beverages and etc;

Creation of intensive primary agricultural enterprises or upgrading the existing ones:

  • Purchasing or upgrading animal, bird, fur animal farms;
  • Bird hatching farms;
  • Making soil for fish, greenhouses and other enclosed facilities;
  • Purchasing nursery gardens, etc;


Loan amount – from 30 000 to 600 000 US dollars

Loan period – up to 84 months

Annual interest rate – from 1 to maximum 3%


Apply for a preferential Agro Loan, get an unprecedentedly low interest credit, and turn your agricultural activity into a large business and your main source of income.