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Payroll program is a wage payment process made easy. It also allows the employees of the organization to enjoy special benefits on bank products and services.


  • Minimization of cash transactions- will save your time related to procedures of salary payment;
  • Safe and fast payment of salaries through simple transfer-every month you either present registry submission or accrue the salaries yourself through the internet banking on to the card accounts of the organization’s employees;
  • Easy way to pay salaries to the employees being on a business trip –at any convenient time through a simple transfer you can accrue the salary or traveling expenses;
  • Confidentiality of salary rates- taking into consideration the requests of the employees, the information related to salary rates is kept strictly confidential and protected.


  • Wide network of branches and ATMs-possibility to withdraw salary from 426 ATMs of the Bank of Georgia for 24 hours and be served at 155 service centers;
  • Money protection- in case of the loss of the card, numerous flexible and diverse means for blocking it apply such as internet banking, telephone banking, sms bank, service center;
  • Ability to use card not only in Georgia but also outside the country through millions of ATMs and POS abroad both on business trips or simply travelling;
  • Ability to enjoy simplified and preferential terms on consumers’, auto and mortgage loans;
  • Ability to use credit card;
  • Ability to store your savings safely and get maximum of profit for them on term, accumulative, child, on-call and maxima deposits of the Bank of Georgia;
  • Ability to use remote banking products- internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, direct debit, standing payment order.