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The Internet banking service of  Bank of Georgia will enable you to check your accounts and make any necessary transactions from any part of the world and at any time without a need to visit the bank.
For your company we provide registration of the internet banking system, technical support and any necessary training for the personnel in charge. Bank of Georgia employs the newest technologies to ensure your maximum comfort and safety.



  • - Make transfering and conversion transactions;
  • - Unifying payment operations in special packages to approve with one signature (when transferring the wages for instance);
  • - Receive and send information for 24 hours;
  • - Make use of means necessary for electronic key formation and encryption, obtain immediate information on the status of the payment orders sent to the bank;
  • - To receive account statements from the bank;
  • - Import payment documents from the online accounting softwares (ORIS and GSS SUPERFIN) operating in Georgia;
  • - Use bank directories and constantly updated SWIFT codes from the global banks.


  • - Internet Banking price: 5 Gel monthly
  • - Digipass price: 40 Gel (The device has a 4 year warranty period)