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Call Deposit



With Call Deposit:


  • You can add any amount to your account at any time;
  • You can use and reach your account any time you wish


Call deposit conditions:


Minimum amount to open: 500 GEL/Foreign currency

Term: unlimited

Conditions of interest rate accrual: it is accrued monthly and at the end of the day accordingly to the balance on the account.

Commission fee: 10 GEL


Annual interest rate***:



Nominal 6.65% 1.25%
Effective 6.86% 1.26%


Commission fee for  cash withdrawal - free of charge/paid:
The amount deposited in cash can be withdrawn free of charge if opening of the deposit account, the depositing of cash and the cash withdrawal were carried out in one and the same service center or the amount was deposited with the means of self-serving terminal, otherwise the service is paid and the cash withdrawal fee makes up 0.6 %, minimum 0.5 units in the currency of the deposit.


  • The yield for Deposits open in  AUD, CAD, CZK, HKD, NZD, PLN, SGD is same as for Deposits open in GBP.  
  • The yield for Deposits open in CHF,  HUF, ILS, NOK, JPY, SEK, DKK is same as for Deposits open in EUR
  • The yield for Deposits open in AED, AMD, AZN, BYR, CNY, INR, KZT, RUB, TRY is same as for Deposits open in USD;