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Treasury operations


  • Currency Exchange transactions.

We offer you all types of currency exchange transactions with commercially competitive, interest free quotes in more than 30 foreign currencies.

  • Selling and buying of securities

In compliance with your requirements we will provide you with acquisition of state securities on the first auction, selling and/or buying on the secondary market and pledging and storing transactions.




  • Currency Hedging through Currency Forwards* and Currency Options**
  • Exchange of different currency resources for by means of Currency Swap*** for the period agreed upon.

*Currency exchange transaction made with pre-agreed currency rate, pre-agreed future value date or period (Option Dated Forward) with or without settlement on value date (Non-Deliverable Forward).
**Right to purchase or sell one currency against another that grants the client the right not the liability to purchase or sell currency. At the same time, the bank takes liability to meet client’s request to purchase or sell the currency with pre-agreed currency rate, pre-agreed date (European Option) and/or period (American Option) in case if the client decides to use the right granted by the agreement.
***Exchange transaction of two opposite currencies, with the same amount of sums, pre-agreed currency rates and different value dates.