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Auto loan to buy a new or a second hand vehicle

Select a new or used vehicle you like:


  •          At the Bank’s partner auto dealers
  •          On auto market
  •          From private individuals

Afterwards, let us know about your choice, visit our representative and he/she will help you get the most beneficial loan conditions.



  •          Income: 300 GEL
  •          Currency: USD / Euro / GEL
  •          Loan amount: 2 000 USD -100 000 USD, Besides, loans up to 200.000 GEL can only be issued in GEL, except when total liabilities of the borrower in the Bank of Georgia is more than 200,000 GEL, after receiving  the loan;
  •          Term: 3-60 months
  •          Annual interest rate: from 9%
  •          Effective Interest Rate: From 12,74%
  •          Collateral: Only the vehicle to be purchased, or a real estate property