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You do not have sufficient savings for building or renovating your house? We offer you IPO+ with the special terms!


  • - Currency of the loan: USD/GEL/EUR/CHF
  • - Amount of the loan: from 3000 USD (equivalent to GEL) Besides, loans up to 200.000 GEL can only be issued in GEL, except when total liabilities of the borrower in the Bank of Georgia is more than 200,000 GEL, after receiving  the loan;
  • - Term of the loan: up to 180 months
  • - Annual interest rate: from 6,5%
  • - Effective Interest Rate: From  6.9%
  • - Minimum monthly income:  750 GEL **
  • - Offset function: the possibility to reduce the interest on the loan 2-times
  • - Co-payment: not required
  • - Collateral: the property to be purchased /renovated, or any other real estate property                                


**For renovation purposes – 750 GEL