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Partner Developers

Purchasing an Apartment with DEVELOPERS

In case if you are buying apartment or house from Bank of Georgia's partner development company, you'll be eligible for special offers!


  • Currency: GEL/USD/EUR. Besides, loans up to 200.000 GEL can only be issued in GEL, except when total liabilities of the borrower in the Bank of Georgia is more than 200,000 GEL, after receiving  the loan;
  • Interest rate: from 6%, Effective interest rate: from 6.5%
  • Collateral: the apartment/house to be purchased
  • Term of the loan: up to 180 months

Bank of Georgia's partner developer companies

 M2 Real Estate

 Monolit Development Group

 Solo Development

 APEX Group

 Cascade 360

 Mardi Holding

 Well House

 King David

 IGI Company

 Mtsvane ubani listan

 Salvus Development 

 ORC Saburtalo 


 ORJ Georgia

 Diamond Projects

 Sada Construction

 Park Wood

 Kera +

 Arakishvili Residence


 Power Development

 Sakhli Dighomi

 Galaxy Construction

 Nika (D+)

 European House

 Elit Development

 Green House

 BG Group

 ALU Group

 New Force Construction

 Galaxy Construction

 Royal Development

 Gldani Tower



 Dream House 

 Villa Residence

 Building Solution 111

 GASGO International Hotels and Towers

 Sky Isani



 Demax Goup

 Viva Bagebi


 GT Invest 

 M2 skyline

 New Tbilisi 2015

 D M Group

 Sokhumi 2004





 BIC Batumi

 Batumi Holding

 Mardi Tower



 Building Company "Euro"






 GG Point