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SMS Loan

Bank of Georgia presents the most innovative loan – SMS Loan.

Get a loan without going to bank - only through an ATM or Express Pay terminal and SMS. From now on, SMS Loan also gives you an opportunity to refinance your not-secured loans you have in Bank of Georgia. If your salary is deposited in our bank, and you have received an SMS saying - “A loan has been approved in your name...” - if interested, go to Bank of Georgia’s nearest ATM or Express Pay terminal, and, upon loading in the plastic card or after authorisation with contactless Express Card select an option “Get a Loan” in the menu.  

  •         The SMS you have received has a code you will need to get a loan from ATM or Express Pay terminal;
  •          Before getting money, please carefully read the loan conditions;
  •          In order to agree with the loan conditions, plug in the code you have received by SMS, and only after this, you will get a message that your loan has been activated. 

You can find more detailed instructions about SMS Loan here




  •          Loan amount: from 400 GEL - up to 20 000 GEL
  •          Loan term: 48 months
  •          Collateral: not required 
  •          Effective Annual Interest Rate: From 15%