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Money Transfers

You can use a fast money transfer service in Bank of Georgia even without opening an account!

Beside the bank branches, transferred money can now be received / cashed:

  •          from an ATM
  •          by telephone


Types of the account:


Universal, including credit card account and Maxima Deposit account.

Transaction Currency:


The transferred money can be deposited on the account in GEL, USD and Euro, respectively to the transfer currency. To cash the transfer, it is necessary to have the equivalent currency account linked to the card account.


Is not allowed. The transferred money will be deposited only on the respective currency account.

Transaction limits:

No limits

Service charge for depositing the transferred money to the account:

Depositing the transferred money to the account is free of charge. However, for cash withdrawal, standard tariffs for the respective card and the type of the account will apply.

Client identification:

The client is identified by means of the card number and the client’s ID data.


For additional information, please see Tariffs