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You can already send ELVA money transfer through SMS banking or our Bank’s branch, and the recipient will get the transfer in Bank of Georgia’s any ATM or branch. Noteworthingly, the recipient does not need to have Bank of Georgia’s plastic card to receive the transfer.

When making a transfer through SMS banking or a bank office, the sender gets the transfer code by SMS. For cashing the transfer, the sender needs to notify the recipient only of the transfer code and the amount.

The recipient can simply cash the transfer from Bank of Georgia’s any ATM, just by indicating the transfer code and the amount, and without having a plastic card. To do this, the recipient should select an option “Withdraw the transferred money without the card” in the ATM menu, and follow simple instructions.

It is also very easy to make Elva money transfer through SMS banking. To do this, the customer should dial the following on the mobile phone in the given order: ELVA # the last four digits of the plastic card # the transfer recipient’s first name # the recipient’s last name # transfer amount # GEL. The dialed text should be sent to the number 4444 from any mobile operator.

Conditions for Elva transfer:


  •          Money can be transferred / received - in GEL;
  •          Maximum amount limit to receive / transfer - 1,500 GEL;
  •          Service charge to receive money - 0%*.


The transfer cannot be cashed without a plastic card if:


  •          The transfer code, amount and/or recipient is indicated (selected) wrongly;
  •          The customer does not agree to the terms and conditions of card-free cashing of the transfer;
  •          There is not enough amount in the ATM to pay for the transfer.

The sender can cancel a transaction made from the Bank or by SMS banking in Bank of Georgia’s any branch.

Money can be sent/received through Elva money transfer at Bank of Georgia’s branches located in more than 30 cities/towns countrywide.

*A standard tariff applies for sending