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ATM money transfer implies, at first, depositing the transferred amount to a card through an ATM, and then cashing the amount deposited on the card - all these without going to the bank office.  In addition, you will save valuable time, money and energy. Depositing the transferred money to the account is free of charge. To cash the transfer, tariffs are similar to those as for a regular ATM money withdrawal fee.

Money can be transferred to the account through following money transfer services:


  •          Elva
  •          Contact
  •          Ria
  •          Unistream
  •          Western Union
  •          MoneyGram
  •          Leader

You can deposit the transfer to a:


  •          Universal account
  •          Maxima Deposit account
  •          Credit card

Currency of money transfer*:


  •          GEL
  •          USD
  •          Euro



  •          Conversion of the transferred money is not allowed

*The cash transferred in GEL and USD can be withdrawn either from ATMs or at the Bank’s branches. As for cashing Euro transfers, please visit the nearest bank office