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Cashing money transfer by the phone implies depositing the transferred amount to your account just by making a single telephone call. For this purpose, please call 2 444 444 and the amount will be deposited to your account in 2 minutes, without leaving your home.

To receive money transfer you need to have:


  •          At least one active account in Bank of Georgia
  •          At least one active card from Bank of Georgia

Transfers that can be cashed by telephone:


  •          Elva
  •          Contact
  •          Ria
  •          Unistream
  •          MoneyGram
  •          Leader

You can deposit the transferred money to a*:

  •          Standard account
  •          Universal account
  •          Maxima Deposit account
  •          On-Call deposit account
  •          Credit card

Service charge for depositing money to the account:


  •         Free

Currency to cash the transfer**:


  •          GEL
  •          USD
  •          Euro

*Beside depositing the transferred money to the card, you can also pay out the credit card balance and deposit the transferred amount to one of the deposit accounts.

** The cash transferred in GEL and USD can be withdrawn either from ATMs or at the Bank’s branches. As for cashing Euro transfers, please visit the nearest bank office.