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American Express® Gold Business Card



American Express Gold Business Card - is the first business credit card in Georgia, which supports companies’ financial well-being, underlines their success and provides world class service.

With American Express Gold Business Card you will benefit from:

  • - 45-days Grace Period;
  • - Business Savings Program;
  • - Cumulative Program – “Membership Rewards"
  • - Discounts Program Selects”;
  • - High credit limit;
  • - Insurance package.


45-days Grace Period

Grace period will give you a financial flexibility. If the spent amount will be returned fully back during 45 days, the interest will not accrue!



Save Your Companies Business Expenditures

With the help of Business Savings Program, you will get discounts while purchasing: air tickets or office inventories; arranging hotels or traveling or using any other services, which will reduce your business expenditures. 


Cumulative program – “Membership Rewards”

The desired present obtained by MR points

  • Pay or cash the sum by American Express Gold Business Card;
  • You accrue MR points while making a payment;*
  • Accrued points can be changed for a desired present (for example, purchase an air ticket, necessary inventories for the company or book the hotel room)!

See the list of presents here

Discounts and Exclusive Offers

You, as the holder of American Express Gold Business Card, will benefit from special offers and privileges at merchants and service providing objects both in Georgia and abroad.

If you are going abroad, get to know the discounts program “Selects” by visiting a web page – www.selects.ge, where you will be informed in advance which hotel, restaurant or shop to go.

View local/international offers and discounts here


Share the Privileges with Your Co-workers

American Express Business Card defines your company’s success. Order as much American Express Business Cards as needed, give it to your co-workers and receive MR points on your company’s account. Thus, you will accrue MR points very fast and then can exchange it on necessary item or service.

For each ordered 3 business cards, your company will be awarded with 1 American Express Card for free!

There will be one whole limit for the company, which later you can assign individually.



The card’s annual maintenance fee – 200 GEL

Effective rate in case of making full payment from credit limit at merchants: - from 19,5%;
Effective rate in case of withdrawing the credit limit in full: - from 37,6%

View the terms of American Express Gold Business Card more detailed here


*For each spent 1 GEL you will receive 1 MR point.