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Remote Banking

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Remote banking service is the fastest, very convenient and safe way to get desirable information and perform any banking transaction during 24 hours a day and in any part of the world.

Internet Bank (www.ibank.ge), Telephone Bank, Mobile Bank (www.mbank.ge), SMS Bank, online payments (www.ipay.ge), Express Pay machine, ATM - chose any of these electronic channels, and we will always offer you comfort and quality services.

In case of purchasing accounts package Classic, you will get remote banking services for free.


Before November 15

 For every banking transaction, get 10 Express points on your Express Card as a gift!

 Accumulate Express points and exchange them for free public transport rides, as well as mobile phone, utility service, home landline phone, cable TV and Internet balance!        

What if I do not have an Express Card?

 Visit any Bank of Georgia branch office already today, and within just a few minutes, an Express Card will be given to you.

 Which plastic card should I use to accumulate Express points?

During this special offer period, you will be able to get Express points not only for using your Express Card, but also when performing banking transactions using any plastic card issued by Bank of Georgia*.

 For which transactions will I get Express points?


  Money transfer within Bank of Georgia Money transfer to another bank Paying utility and other bills Making Elva transfer 
Express Online (www.eonline.ge)  
Internet Banking (www.ibank.ge)

Mobile bank

SMS Banking    


If a transaction is made by your Express Card, no additional Express points are given;

Points are given for maximum 5 transactions a day, i.e. you can get maximum 50 Express points a day;

During a day, several money transfers within Bank of Georgia are considered as one transaction, thus, you can only get 10 Express points.

 *Except for American Express cards.