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Paying your bills no longer requires your efforts. Direct Debit will help you pay utility, communication, or other bills for yourself or another person specified by you. You can also transfer money to another account.

To do this, it is enough to have one of the following accounts in Bank of Georgia:

  •          Current Universal;
  •          Current Standard;
  •          Credit.

Simply specify the subscribe’s ID number and the payment schedule most convenient for you. You can also select three different accounts at a time. If, for the payment date, there are insufficient funds in one account, the remaining amount will be drawn in from the second or third accounts.

Set your priorities! If several bills are scheduled for payment, and your accounts do not have sufficient funds, the payment that you have prioritized will be the first one to go through.

The number of bill payment orders is not limited. Activation or deactivation of automatic bill payment, or making changes to the current service, can be done at any branch of Bank of Georgia, as well as by means of Internet Banking or Telephone Banking.