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Telephone Banking is another popular distance banking service offered by Bank of Georgia.

Just one call to the phone number: 2 444 444 and you will be able to:


  •          Transfer the national and foreign currency to any country worldwide;
  •          Convert currency;
  •          Move funds between accounts;
  •          Deposit money transfer to the account;
  •          Activate, deactivate or modify a Standing Order;
  •          Update contact information.

By means of Telephone Banking you will learn:


  •          Information about the balance on your accounts;
  •          Information about deposits or loans;
  •          Information about currency exchange rate;
  •          News about bank products.

To use Telephone Banking, it is necessary to have a plastic card issued by Bank of Georgia and a special CIC code that came with the card.

Please, call us at: 2 444 444. The service if free of charge.