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Special conditions for car owners from GPI
GPI has created a special product of auto insurance exclusively for you, SOLO customers:
Your car will be insured 24/7 against the following risks:
• Car accident
• Robbery
• Vandalism
• Natural disasters (earthquakes, hail, etc.)
• Glass and mirror damage
You will stay calm even when you need:
• to pump up/replace a tire
• fuel delivery
• free evacuator service
• to start the car with a special tool
What gifts and additional advantages do you get from GPI?
• Automobile liability insurance * as a gift
• Up to 70% discount at car washing network throughout Georgia
• Discounts for auto services
• Simple payment schemes tailored for your – the damage will be repaired for you locally or without the patrol’s engagement, with the aid of MyGPI application.
 Insure your car and tranquility during adverse occurrences!
GPI service group will provide service at any time of the day in the course of a road accident throughout Georgia, and also help you with third parties or patrol.
For more comfort, insurance will be executed in SOLO lounge.
For additional questions contact your SOLO banker
Motor Insurance Wording
*Automobile liability insurance is financial protection for a driver who, while operating a vehicle, harms someone else’s car, property or health.