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AmEx Platinum


American Express Platinum Card is a very special service offering many advantages.

It provides holders with the following services worldwide:

- International and local concierge services to assist with buying and exchanging flights, booking hotel rooms and reserving tables at restaurants, and planning various other activities.

- Access to over 1,000 airport lounges in more than 120 countries, enabling additional comfort during layover time.     

- Special conditions at top class hotels, including special room rates and other advantages tailored for you.

- Hotel loyalty programs allowing more benefits and special services.    

- Top class travel insurance that will allow you feel safe during your travels and will give you peace of mind.

- Membership Rewards program, allowing you to get accumulate points and exchange them for gifts. When receiving your card, you will receive 500 points as a gift.  

- Discount program - Selects. This program gives you special discounts and privileges around the world.

- Interest free credit for up to 55 days, giving you financial flexibility. If you repay your card balance within 55 days, no interest will accrue.


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AmEx Platinum