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PLUS Program


PLUS - get plus with relationship!

SOLO presents the PLUS Relationship Program, which is specially designed for you, our dedicated customers!
Through this program, you will enjoy a new experience and get more benefits, discounts, gifts and PLUS points.

How do you earn PLUS points?

  • Through payments:
    Pay with your card, sticker or TSKAPP at any terminal, online or at a Bank of Georgia ATM and get pluses for every GEL 1 you spend.
SOLO 1 ლარი = 2 PLUS points
SOLO CLUB 1 ლარი = 2.5 PLUS points
  • Through inviting your friend:
    Invite your friend to SOLO and get pluses as a gift! 
    SOLO 7 500 PLUS points
    SOLO CLUB 10 000 PLUS points

    Get involved in our PLUS program for free and enjoy: 

    Different privileges;
    Banking, insurance and health benefits:


    Banking benefits

    PLUS points for every GEL 1 spent  


    Discount on annual credit card costs 50%

    Benefits from “Evex” medical corporation

    Co-financing of a visit to a specialist doctor  30%
    Co-financing on laboratory examination packages 30%
    Co-financing on medical examination packages 30%

    Advantages from “Aldagi” Insurance Company 

    Complimentary liability coverage against damage to your neighbor's property 


    10 000 GEL

    How to get involved in the relationship program?

    To become a member of PLUS, contact your SOLO banker or visit a SOLO lounge.

    How to check your accumulated PLUS points?

    Check your accumulated PLUS points easily:

    • Through internet banking, or
    • Via SMS: text PLUS to 4444

    How to exchange your accumulated PLUS points?

    You can exchange your PLUS points for your desired gift at any time without restrictions:

    • SOLO boutique products;
    • Special gifts from PLUS catalogue;
    • Money off your utility services, cell phone, home phone, internet and cable TV bills;
    • Fuel at "Gulf" petrol stations;
    • Various products at "Foodmart", "Ioli" and "Spar"
    • Food and drinks at fast food restaurants including "Dunkin’ Donuts" and "Wendy’s"

    How to exchange your accumulated MR points for PLUS points?

    You can exchange accumulated MR points through your internet banking platform

    1 MR =3 PLUS


    SOLO Bank

    PLUS Program