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20 December
Unique offer from Jeep!

Enjoy exclusive conditions both in case of auto loans and cash payment:  

auto loan:
o Jeep Grand Cherokee EUR: 5.5%
o Jeep Renegade GEL: 9.9%
- 6-month car insurance package from Aldagi (in case of installment);
- 1-year loyalty card of the Company “Gulf” for 14-tetri discount on 1 liter fuel 
In case of cash payment:
o Jeep Grand Cherokee: gifts:
1-year auto insurance 
Winter tires
3-year service + parts

o Jeep Renegade: gifts:
Winter tires
3-year service + parts

Visit Jeep Center, become the owner of the 2018 American Grand Cherokee or Jeep Renegade.

If desired, you can also enjoy the "Trade in Operation" option which means you can replace your old car with a new one on the best conditions (max price!), which will be counted as a sum of participation, and as for the  remaining amount, you can enjoy a simple installment.

If interested, please contact your SOLO banker or SOLO Alternate Sales Manager – Lasha Abuladze

Cell Phone: 592 82 88 33

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