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About Us

Who We Are
Wealth Management is the private banking arm of the leading universal bank in Georgia. Since 2005 Bank of Georgia Wealth Management serves High Net Worth individuals and their families. We benefit from synergies with country’s largest corporate banking unit, number one brokerage in the region, trading and asset management business, top investment banking and leading insurance business. 

Client Relations
Highest standards and accessibility of services worldwide, as well as personal and discreet approach, are necessary prerequisites of clients loyalty. Trust between the Client and Private Banker is fundamental for the success in our business. Professionalism and dedication of Private Bankers contribute to building this trust.

Corporate Values
Exceptional corporate governance, full transparency, financial strength and established brand of Bank of Georgia group is an additional guarantee of a reliable and professional service for you and your business. We treasure your loyalty which we safeguard through excellent service, intelligent allocation of your financial assets and diversified product offering.

Investment Products 
Term Deposit with early withdrawal option
Certificate of Deposit (CD) - bank deposit, carrying the bank’s obligation to pay the holder the amount stated in the certificate on the specified date. Unlike the bank deposit, the certificate holder can sell the certificate to a third party at any time before its maturity date.
Global Note - issued by Bank of Georgia in pursuant to the regulations of International Securities Market Advisory Group (ISMAG). The Global Note can be resold or otherwise assigned based on the terms and conditions agreed between the parties. The Global Note shall be issued and settled through international central securities depositories Euroclear and Clearstream.
Structured Note - Capital protected global note linked to performance of various underlying assets: index, commodity, basket of stocks.
Local Bonds: High-yield local corporate bonds

International Footprint 
Gaining International footprint through representative offices in the UK, Hungary and Israel, Bank of Georgia’s Wealth Management extends private banking services and alternative investment solutions to high net worth individuals from more than 68 countries, offering unparalleled knowledge and capital markets capabilities in the Georgian and neighboring markets. Currently more than 70% of funds managed by Bank of Georgia are international money. 

Our Clients
Clients are our principal asset. Our customer base comprises of: 
High Net Worth Individuals;
Family Offices, Wealth Managers and Advisors from EU, US and Middle East seeking client solutions
Funds & Trusts seeking yield enhancement
Investors seeking global diversification and frontier market opportunities

For more information please follow the link “Expression of Interest” or contact us at wm@bog.ge.