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21 November
Exclusive discount from Xbody!


XBody is offering the innovational exercise method – EMS Training - of the company with international experience. The method will help you achieve the best result in the shortest period of time; and you, as a SOLO customer, will be able to enjoy all of this with a special discount:

1 exercise with a discount up to 34% 
Exercise with a partner with a discount up to 42% 
8 exercises with a discount up to 28% 
16 exercises with a 20% discount

In case of purchasing a 2-month pass, you will receive 1 additional exercise as a gift.

Remember! If you decide to purchase a uniform for working out, you will be able to choose it at XBody for a special price – 50 GEL; whereas, in case of renting a uniform out for a one-time use, 5 GEL will be absolutely sufficient.

EMS Training, which means electro stimulation, is broadly known in physiotherapy; it represents an ideal combination of forcible and cardio exercises, which is also used for rehab purposes.

During the exercise, the muscles simultaneously undergo stimulation and as a result, you only need 20 minutes to be physical for a sufficient amount. Also, it is more than enough to exercise only twice a week to achieve the result you wish in the shortest period of time.

Please, remember: each exercise will be attended by a personal trainer, who will choose the exact amount of physical activity you need and will supervise your progress.

Discover your body’s potential with XBody Georgia!

The offer is valid until  November 27, 2019

Address: №1, Petriashvili Str. Former Wine Factory Territory (Second Floor)