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25 December
20% discount in Clinic Aino!


Ozone Therapy Clinic Aino has a special offer − plan your visit to Aino, take ozone therapeutic procedures and enjoy a special 20% discount!

It is noteworthy that Ozone Therapy is an innovative direction of modern medicine and it is actively used to treat and prevent various diseases, to rejuvenate the body and get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, and to strengthen immunity, as well as for cosmetology purposes.

In Clinic Aino, you will be treated with all the advanced and exclusive methods of ozone therapy existing in leading European countries, such as Germany and France.

In Aino you will be able to take such procedures as:

Intravenous infusion of ozone solution
Ozonized water
Ozonized oil
Ozone sauna
Ozone plasmlifting
Combined ozone therapy
Ozone injections

Because oxygen is the source of life, in Clinic Aino you will have all the conditions for your health and long life!

Offer valid till May 30, 2019

Address: Shartava Str. № 39 (second floor)
Tel.: (0 32) 2 72 67 64
Cell phone: 551 53 40 41