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OneCard VISA Infinite


OneCard VISA Infinite is a guarantee of elite class service in any part of the world.

To hold OneCard VISA infinite card means to exercise highest privileges created especially for you. Alongside with obvious financial privileges, the card entitles you to reception of many exclusive services.


OneCard VISA infinite privileges:

  • Financial privileges.
  • Travel privileges.
  • Concierge service for 24 hours a day
  • Discounts and special offers



Pay and Save money in 4 different currencies

OneCard VISA infinite gives you a unique possibility to use 4 subaccounts in different currencies (GEL/USD/EURO/GBP) and forget about any additional expenses related to currency conversion.
OneCard VISA infinite is distinguished by high cash withdrawal limit and a high annual  yield  added  to running balances of your subaccounts, which is entered on to your card account at the end of each month.


Manage your accounts from any place of the world

OneCard VISA infinite makes it possible to purchase the products or services  you wish for  in 4 different currencies either in trading places or via the internet; to withdraw money from any ATM of the world and to transfer money to the account of your choice by means of online or SMS banks.


Card protection from the fraud 

OneCard VISA infinite safeguards your money.  If you lose it you can block it by a single phone call or via the online bank.  In case if  your card was assaulted by fraudulent transactions, OneCard VISA infinite insurance scheme will sustain it all.



Multiple, International Travel Insurance

OneCard VISA infinite is your safeguard guarantee in any part of the world. Pay with OneCard VISA infinite and be entitled to multiple, International Travel Insurance for  90 days!
If insurance related cases occur, please call us on: + 44 (0) 20 8762 8373 (Service provided in English) or +7 495 937 6453 (Service provided in Russian)
Please note that the insurance services are provided in English and Russian, for any additional information please refer to the travel insurance terms.


Priority PassYour pass to the VIP lounges of the international airports

With Priority Pass your journey will become more comfortable and agreeable. Priority Pass card is granted to you together with OneCard VISA infinite card. The pass will enable you to rest comfortably at VIP lounges together with your friends and any other people that may accompany you. *

*For entering the lounge the fee is charged at the spot.

Concierge Service for 24 hours a day

Holders of OneCard VISA infinite card can enjoy international concierge service. Concierge will assist you with fulfilling your wishes- to order flowers, to organize an event, to reserve a desirable hotel, yacht and so on.
For international concierge services call:

+1 303 967 1090

Please note that the concierge service is free of charge. The fees for the purchases made by the international concierge will be deducted from the OneCard VISA infinite card.


Ticket Exchange

Would you like to book tickets to the concerts or sport events in any part of the world? Ticket Exchange service is at your disposal.  Here you may book or buy any ticket to an opera, a rock concert or a sport event.

You can obtain tickets via courier service or directly from the box office on the day of the event.   You will only have to pay the ticket price and courier service fee (if you refer to one).  No fees for additional services are charged.

To book the tickets contact us on: +1 602 254 1270 (service provided in English)

Telephone service for 24 hours a day

For your utmost comfort and perfection we offer a phone line that operates for 24 hours a day. At any time of the day, with a single phone call you can transfer the money, block or un-block your card, receive the updates on currency exchange rates and receive just about any bank related information you wish for.

Bank of Georgia’s phone line for the wealth management service is available for 24 hours a day in Georgian, English and Russian: +995 32 2 444 333


Discounts and special offers

For holders of OneCard VISA infinite card our partner companies have designed a special program of high class services and offers throughout Georgia. The program lets you enjoy special terms and discounts in restaurants, shops, airlines, fitness clubs and hotels.

Apart from local offers, you can enjoy special, international Visa Infinite offers in the shops, hotels and restaurants from around the world.